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1301 Timber Creek Drive • Weatherford, Texas • • 817-629-3407

Yasgur’s Farm is a John Dennie led trio specializing in acoustic arrangements of everyone's favorite 60's and 70's hits. They focus on fun, nostalgia and remaining true to the music that dramatically shaped American culture in a single generation. Perfect for small restaurants and outdoor venues.  Click the peace sign for booking.

The 60s were filled with watershed moments in fashion, music, civil rights and cultural norms. But perhaps no single event defined the culture and the music of the generation more than what happened at Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in August of 1969. Billed as “Three Days of Peace and Music”, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair hosted more than thirty bands who performed for nearly half a million people. Rolling Stone magazine has described the event as one the fifty most important moments that changed the history of rock and roll. Perhaps you were too young to have attended Woodstock, or maybe the 60’s were so good to you that you just don’t remember much about 1969. Whatever the case, Yasgur the band is committed to entertaining generations of the past and the future with solid interpretation and performance of the original music that made Yasgur’s Farm famous.

Max Yasgur